IT Business Value

The reliance on IT to drive business performance is now stronger than ever. More so, due to disruptive new technologies such as virtualization, Web Services, SOA and also due to changing business requirements such as regulatory and financial compliance, mandatory internet presence, ensuring delivery of consistently superior user experience and so on.

Clearly, your company's competitive advantage will come from not only by how well IT can master technology changes but also by how well IT performance can be aligned with business performance.


Infrastructure Performance Framework

In the context of proper alignment of business and IT performance, in this section we discuss a framework that we developed, Infrastructure Performance Framework, that gives you a high-level view of the different entities that can impact on the alignment and hence your business performance.

The careful, comprehensive mapping of business needs to IT infrastructure – and more importantly, to applications – helps alleviate this bottleneck. Newly available performance management tools can help build the business processes necessary to make this transition happen. This combination means that organizations can now build performance scorecards that measure the success of technological innovation in real-time using the following criteria:

  • Can you justify the cost of additional server hardware by showing current application and server hardware utilization levels?
  • Do you have relevant reports that allow us to make informed business decisions about server consolidation, application utilization, threat assessment, and real-time performance of new technology deployments?
  • How closely do your measurements of application performance match your Service Level Promises?
  • What is the availability of your revenue-generating applications at any point in time?
  • How has our investment in new technology improved end user productivity?
  • What do we need to do to align IT and business performance to the goals set in our business scorecards when expectations are not being met?


Whitepapers - Five Ways to Maximize Value of Future IT Investments

This thought leadership white paper discusses several key issues that will impact your company as it moves toward a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services technologies. The paper drills down on five critical strategies that can help you transform your existing infrastructure to a next-generation model, including the need to:

  • Recognize that it's not enough to have the fastest, most robust hardware
  • Make a distinction between revenue-generating and administrative-support applications
  • Set a plan for critical path monitoring
  • Align system and application performance metrics with business metrics
  • Establish a plan to guard against security threats and generate audit trails to meet regulatory requirements