Over the years, RTO Software has provided application-focused inventory, discovery, performance monitoring and acceleration tools for any business-critical application in any Windows server environment. Whether you're charged with the performance of the business, the applications or the server infrastructure, you're under constant pressure to maintain peak performance.

  • Line-of-business managers rely on server-based applications to operate efficient business-critical processes and transactions that directly affect productivity, financial performance and customer satisfaction.
  • IT departments need to quickly analyze performance problems to manage the cost and complexity of technology investments and to more effectively support business objectives.


RTO TScale®

RTO TScale® is the practical solution to get more value from your terminal server investments—improved server performance, scalability, and capacity. It's the indispensable optimization software for Ericom PowerTerm® WebConnect, Citrix XenApp™ and Microsoft® Terminal Services environments.

Typical challenges that enterprise IT face include, but are not limited to, the following:

Freezes, spikes and sluggishness due to applications hogging more than their share of CPU
Logon, logoff processes are taking a long time
Inability to automatically detect rogue applications or processes that consume memory and CPU resources
Difficulty in centrally managing optimizing policies for large server farms using a single integrated view of the server based computing infrastructure across multiple sites
As a leading performance management system solution, RTO TScale extends the limits of your terminal servers and delivers consistent application performance even during peak user load periods. TScale's patented technology improves application performance on your servers by optimizing and efficiently managing memory and CPU resources. Eliminating these resource inefficiencies enables you to support more concurrent users per server which directly improves the return on investment (ROI) on your Terminal Server farm.

Typically, previous versions of TScale have increased terminal server capacity by 33% more users per server on average. However, with new patent pending technology, TScale 4.5 can now support 50% more users per server on average.

Key features of RTO TScale® that delivers on these customer needs include the following:

Application Shaping™ - Controls runaway application behavior, ensuring other application users get the CPU bandwidth and performance they need. Application Priority™ automatically lowers the priority of a process when it is consuming too many CPU cycles and impacting other server processes. It lets you easily eliminate the negative impact on users of rogue applications, while still supporting high-CPU application peak needs. Application Affinity™ designates which CPU applications should run on, so you can isolate them from other servers with more critical applications. Dynamic CPU Balancing™ automatically applies the most efficient affinity scheme for running processes while providing processor load balancing. And, you can combine the rules-based settings in our Application Priority™ and our Application Affinity™ features into a single, automated solution that eliminates time-consuming manual tasks and regains control of runaway applications.
Application Optimization – Allows you to control application performance in several areas, which together provide an unmatched level of applications performance improvement. Virtual Memory (VM) Capacity Optimization reduces page faults, so each server can support more concurrent users. Virtual Memory (VM) Performance Optimization improves application component load times. The Advanced Memory Mangager offers thread-based optimizations that improve the execution of multi-threaded applications including .NET applications. TScale's Registry Optimization frees up resources for more sessions, and reduces user login times. 

Centralized Policy Management – Quickly deploy TScale to all your servers. Easily configure it according to multi-server policies and manage all aspects of reporting and maintenance from one central location. All administration for application optimization and shaping can be done through the Console which contains sophisticated features to ensure all your servers are running the latest versions of TScale and with the most recently defined Optimization and Shaping Policies.