About Us


Founded in 2000, RTO Software is a global provider of application availability and management solutions for business-critical applications.

RTO offers extensive application-focused capabilities such as discovery, mapping, inventory, monitoring and acceleration for business-critical applications in an enterprise. 

RTO Software's solutions help increase the business value of IT organizations, maximize application investments and deliver consistently superior user experiences in many industries including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and government.


Vision and Mission

RTO's vision is to continue to be a leading provider of application availability and management solutions that are easy to use and effective for enterprise IT users, administrators and managers.

Our mission is to enable enterprise IT to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness of their infrastructure by focusing on three key customer success factors

Increase their IT business value
Maximize value of their application investments
Ensure delivery of superior user experience

RTO Value Proposition 

RTO creates customer value and delivers on the three customer success factors mentioned above with the following governing principles:

We specialize in application focused solutions unlike other companies that focus on network and system management solutions.
We use proven, innovative and progressive technologies to deliver enterprise-class solutions that provide a sustainable competitive advantage for our customers and partners.
We work with a select group of over 10 global strategic partners and over 50 regional value-added resellers to provide complete solutions.
We have a rapidly growing installed base of over 400+ blue-chip customers worldwide.
We are customer-centric in everything we do by seeking customer input at every stage of our
product development, delivery and support cycle.
Our products and services are known to be easy to use, quick to deploy, very affordable and deliver measurable business value.
Our products are in use in a variety of IT infrastructures and easily scale to business needs.
We have patented technologies built into our products that deliver unique capabilities for our customers.
We are recognized as the market leader in terminal server performance shaping and optimization.
We deliver on our promise – Keeping Applications in Business®.