RTO Software provides an exceptional solution to improve your Citrix or terminal server performance.

RTO TScale is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, solution that optimizes application performance and improves server capacity.

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  • New TScale Version 4.5!
  • Optimize Citrix XenApp and Terminal Server
  • Increase Server Capacity to Support More Users
  • Intelligently Manage CPU Utilization
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Our company

RTO Software, Inc. is an established provider of application-focused performance monitoring and management tools for any business-critical application in any Windows server environment. RTO helps business executives and IT departments increase the effectiveness, performance and capacity of server-based business applications by providing them with actionable, easy-to-interpret information that lets them gain efficiencies and preempt application performance issues. We apply our expertise to create solutions that improve the effectiveness of crucial applications, so companies can protect financial performance, enable greater business process consistency and facilitate customer satisfaction.

As a leader in the rapidly growing area of application performance monitoring, RTO's solutions are used on thousands of servers around the world in a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and government.


Our customers

RTO Software has earned the trust of more than 500 valued customers worldwide and the list is growing rapidly. We continue to create significant value for our customers and we will be happy to share some of the success stories.

If you are already a RTO customer and would like to be featured on this page and in a success story please contact our marketing department.

If you are a prospective RTO customer and would like to discuss how our solutions can create business value for your company please contact RTO Sales.



"We would recommend the addition of RTO's software to anyone wishing to optimize their Citrix or Windows Terminal Server environment."
Richard Coleman - FPDSavillis

"RTO PinPoint focuses on application performance. PinPoint identifies resources causing performance degradation and reports root cause so corrective action can be taken."
William Hurley - Enterprise Strategy Group.

"We are using RTO to increase the number of concurrent users we can support on our Citrix servers running our applications."
Larry Maurer - 
Somerset Medical Center

"RTO has exceeded my expectations."
Jan Broucinek - Arthur Rutenburg Homes

"RTO has provided us with the most effective optimization we've done to our application servers-terminal servers."
Colin Durham - Electronic Healthcare Systems